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UF and SFC students!

Chabad is your home away from home and the heart of Jewish life on campus!
The Center is open during all semesters from 9:00am to 11:00pm.

If there is ANYTHING you ever need or that we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us ANYTIME. Do you need a ride somewhere or a ride home at night? Stuck downtown with a flat tire? Want to study some Torah? Having a housing or dorm issue? Not feeling well and need Chicken soup or a doctor reference? A letter of recommendation or networking for a job? Feeling lonely or depressed?

For anything - Contact, Call or Email us anytime: Office: 352-336-5877

Rabbi Berl Goldman: 352-256-3323
Chanie Goldman: 352-219-5908
Rabbi Aron Notik: 352-219-7621
Pessie Notik: - 704-299-6927

Rabbi Berl, Chanie, Mendel, Mushka, Rochel, Levi, Shmuely, Meir, Shterna and Boruch Goldman

Rabbi Aharon Chaim, Pessie, Yakov and Bracha Notik

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