Wondering more about Chabad UF?  Have Questions about Jewish Life at UF and SFC in Gainesville, FL?


Q: How active is Chabad UF?

A: VERY! Operating since 1999, Chabad UF is easily one of the largest and most active groups on campus. There is something going on all day, every day and all night, every night at Chabad UF. 

 Chabad UF provides Jewish students with:

  • An inclusive, joy filled community
  • Open hearts, listening ears and crisis intervention when needed
  • Cutting edge recreational activities on campus. 
  • Shabbat and Jewish holidays 
  • Religious resources, including koshering your dorm, kosher food, Minyan, Mezuzah and tefillin

Most importantly, Chabad is a home away from home; always there, always waiting, always accepting of those that come through its doors.


Q: How do I get involved? Where is Chabad UF located?

A: Joining Chabad UF is simple! Just come on by.

To join the Jewish Gator Nation and stay informed about programs and events just click here. 

Chabad UF is located 4 blocks north of the stadium at: 2021 NW 5th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32603


Q: What does CHABAD mean?

A: Chabad is a philosophy, organization and worldwide movement. The word Chabad is an acronym for Chachmah, Binah, Daas, which means wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. The idea is to provide Jewish education, inspiration and experiences. 

While Chabad began in the small city of Lubavitch in White Russia, Chabad Centers can be found in every part of the world and in each one of those places Chabad is doing everything it can to help Jews be Jewish.


Q: How can I keep Kosher while in Gainesville?

A:  The current Kosher food options at UF/Gainesville include:

Prepared Foods:

Chabad UF Café

Grill style restaurant that prepares fresh meals to order and is open weeknights during regular semesters Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:30 PM.

Chabad UF Café offers semester meal plans for students. JewishGator.com/MealPlan

Gator Kosher by Chabad UF Grab ‘n Go

Made fresh at Chabad UF and available at Chabad UF and in 7 convenience markets around campus including:

The Market @ Beaty

The Market @ Graham Hall

The Market @ Hough

The Market @ The Hub

The Market @ Little Hall

The Market @ Rawlings

The Market @ Reitz Union

(parking available in Welcome Center Garage)

For individual market hours of operation - https://dineoncampus.com/UF/hours-of-operation\


Kosher Grocery:

  Trader Joe’s (3724 SW Archer Rd) carries Kosher meat, chicken and turkey.


Kitchen Koshering Services:

  As many kosher students choose to live off campus and supplement their Café Chabad UF meal plans with at home cooking, Chabad UF helps students Kosher their apartment kitchens when they move in.

Please contact Rabbi Aaron Notik to schedule – [email protected]



Q: How can I celebrate Shabbat and Jewish Holidays while at UF?

A:  During all UF Semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer A & Summer B) there are Shabbat Services at Chabad UF. Evening services are followed by Shabbat Dinner and morning Services are followed by Shabbat Lunch. RSVP: JewishGator.com/RSVPShabbat

Holidays follow a similar schedule. For specific details regarding the High Holidays (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah) - JewishGator.com/HighHolidays

Passover Seders and Kosher for Passover meals are available throughout the 8 days of Passover. For details please see: JewishGator.com/PassoverUF


Q: What about exams or classes that may conflict with my Shabbat or Holiday observances?

A:  The faculty are legally required by state law to provide alternative class and exam make-up opportunities for students who have any religious observances. In our experience, the faculty is very understanding and accommodating and the student need only inform the professor in advance of any schedule conflict. It is recommended that students review their class syllabus at the beginning of each semester and immediately inform the instructor if there is an issue.


The administration is similarly very understanding and will review a calendar of Jewish holidays with Chabad UF staff, and then circulate it among the staff so they are familiar with our observances and holy days. In the rare events that students have had trouble with this issue, the dean’s office has been very responsive in quickly resolving any and all issues.

See:  https://catalog.ufl.edu/UGRD/academic-regulations/attendance-policies/#religiousholidaystext


Q: Are there regular Minyan services?

A: There is a daily davening prayers at Chabad UF on the following schedule:

Sunday - 10:30 AM

Monday – Friday - 8:30 AM

Shabbat & Jewish Holidays – 10:00 AM

If you require a minyan for Kaddish recitation or similar, please contact Rabbi Aaron Notik in advance – [email protected]


Q: Do you have any tips to make the transition to campus life easier:

A:  Friends and community are some of the most important parts in shaping a student’s campus experience. We always recommend that parents bring their student to Chabad UF when visiting during Preview orientation and/or move in. This allows the student to see firsthand the place that they can call home and the place where they can form healthy friendships that will last a lifetime.