We hope this message finds you and your loved ones in the best of health and spirits.

The following important information is regarding this week’s scheduled appearance in Gainesville by a hate-filled white supremacist neo-Nazi propaganda group.

We agree with and encourage everyone to heed President Kent Fuchs call to shun them.  We urge all students and community members not to attend their event.  There are many alternative positive actions we can all do (see more info below), countering Darkness with LIGHT & responding to Hate with LOVE.

“The University of Florida's president is urging students to stay away from a speaking event on campus featuring white nationalist Richard Spencer.”  President Kent Fuchs wrote in an email Tuesday that Spencer and his group seek only "to provoke a reaction" at their Oct. 19 event. Fuchs says "shunning" Spencer would limit any further attention.  Fuchs also asked students to speak out against Spencer's message of "hate and racism." The university stated it will not be affiliated with the event in any way, but as a public institution, it is legally obligated to allow the expression of many viewpoints by external groups, such as Spencer's National Policy Institute.

The Lubavitch-Chabad Student Center will be open for extended hours with extra security protocol measures, from 9:00am to midnight on October 18, 19 and 20. We offer a home away from home and a secure safe haven and are available for all students.  Students can utilize and enjoy the lobby/lounge, library, fitness room and free Wi-Fi. Coffee, tea and snacks will be available throughout the day and the Kosher Grill/Café will be open from 5-8pm. In addition, we will be offering many activities WednesdayFriday including fitness classes, midnight falafel, baking for Shabbat & culminating with pink Shabbat for breast cancer awareness on Friday night with services & dinner.

A major thank you to all law enforcement agencies; city, state and federal including our very own local University Police Department, Gainesville Police Department and Alachua County Sheriff’s Department.  The University administration including the President and Dean of Students are doing everything in their power every day to protect and safeguard all students and guarantee a safe campus.  They have been involved and are dealing with this upcoming event for a few months now. Please see the link to the important UF Q&A regarding the October 19th planned event.  UF Q&A

We continue to receive many calls and emails from concerned students and parents and would like to ask everyone to share this information to help calm any fear and concern.

We are living in very uncertain times and Anti-Semitic and hate incidents can happen anytime.  We are preparing and responding to the planned October 19 events and are bringing it to your attention, not to scare or over alarm you, but to make you aware of the resources that are available.

We understand that this event and possible protest will provoke fear, especially for people who are targets of hate and violence simply because of their skin color, religion, culture, sexual orientation or beliefs.  If you or anyone you know are fearful, want to talk or need support in anyway, please contact the Wellness Center on Campus or contact anyone here at Chabad UF (numbers and emails listed below). We also want to bring a few things to your attention and information of steps to follow.

1) Always be aware of your surroundings and take notice of anything suspicious or out of the norm.

2) When possible, always try to be with other friends or acquaintances, especially during the evening and night time hours.

3) If you ever feel that you are in danger, your safety is threatened or you are a victim or experience any hate, bias, violence or Anti-Semitic attacks or incidents:

A) Immediately call 911 and report any and all incident to GPD or UPD.

B) If any incident happened or happens on the UF or SFC campuses, report it to the Student Affairs Office immediately, as well.

C) If any incident happened or happens at an apartment living complex, report it to the housing complex administrative office.

D) Please notify Rabbi Berl Goldman of any recent incidents that have happened to you or that you are aware of or any future incidents.[email protected]m.

4) Chabad is your home away from home and the heart of Jewish life on campus!

If there is ANYTHING you ever need or that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact us ANYTIME.  Do you need a ride somewhere or a ride home at night?  Stuck downtown with a flat tire?  Having a housing or dorm issue?  Not feeling well and need Chicken soup or a doctor reference?  Felling lonely or depressed?  For anything - Contact, Call or Email us anytime:

Rabbi Berl Goldman:  [email protected]m – 352-256-3323
Chanie Goldman: [email protected]m – 352-219-5908
Rabbi Aron Notik: [email protected] – 352-219-7621
Pessie Notik: - [email protected] – 704-299-6927

For the UF Wellness Center  CLICK HERE

Good Deed Marathon
Countering Darkness with LIGHT …. Responding to Hate with LOVE

On Thursday, October 19, Chabad at UF will be hosting a Good Deed Marathon throughout the day at the Center and on Campus.

The Good Deed Mitzvah Marathon is designed to present students and community members with opportunities to do good deeds as a response to the day’s event. We will counter darkness with LIGHT and Responding to hate with LOVE!

Participants will be able to choose from a variety of good deeds.  They will fill out a form and attach it to a large world globe of good deeds. Each participant will receive a sticker acknowledging his or her good deed.  At 12:45pm, a moment of reflection and silence will take place.  Everyone is invited to participate.

Rabbi Berl Goldman, Executive Director of the Lubavitch-Chabad Jewish Student Center at the University of Florida who is sponsoring the event said that; “In spite of the negative energy that some are bringing into our city on October 19th, it’s important that we do our part to counter that with random acts of love and kindness, which can chase away much darkness.” Fara Moskowitz, student president of the Lubavitch-Chabad Student group at UF expressed the importance of this project; “Our student group is dedicated to giving students opportunities to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them through projects and events that promote kindness, happiness and compassion to others.”  Chanie Goldman, Co-Director reflected; “Although our world at times experiences deliberate expressions of hate, it is especially important now that all people practice extra goodness and kindness, proving that hate and evil will never win. It’s important on this day that everyone will have a positive way to refocus and contribute in a way of love.”

The day’s event is organized and sponsored by Lubavitch-Chabad Jewish Student and Community Center and Chabad-Lubavitch Student Group and is free to all students and public.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Berl Goldman at [email protected] 352-336-5877 or 352-256-3323